5 Gorgeous Retro Motorcycle helmets not to be missed!

5 Gorgeous Retro Motorcycle helmets not to be missed!

5 Gorgeous Retro Motorcycle helmets not to be missed!

With the Distinguished gentleman’s ride coming up in just 5 days, we thought it would be appropriate to come up with a list of what we think are some awesome looking retro motorcycle helmets.






Full Face Helmet



This slick helmet is absolutely gorgeous, lightweight and ready to be painted! Weighing in at just 1050g it’s no heavy-headed nightmare. Ideally combined with a sunshade peak and an old-school scrambler. It’s no vintage bell moto 3 helmet, but neither is the hole in the wallet. Setting you back just €235 euro!



 Biltwell - Full Face Helmet - Gringo

Okay, this one is a no brainer, but that’s exactly why it has to be on our list. Biltwell has taken the awesome '60s motorsport aesthetic‘ and created a world known vintage full-face helmet that complies with modern ECE approvals. That’s a win-win situation in my books. Let’s not forget the great selection of astonishing colors, build quality and style points! Not only that, Biltwell understands that modern riders also require “modern” solutions, and let’s face it visors are great for a number of reasons. The Gringo originally released without a visor and some clips for you to chuck in a clip-on visor. That’s great and all but with the busy and blazing roads of Malta a visor is a much-needed luxury. That’s where the Gringo S comes in! Same style but this time replacing the button clip-on with a flip-up visor!

They both have an okay price tag that doesn’t break the bank starting from €164 for the Gringo and €200 for the Gringo S!

 Biltwell - Full Face Helmet - Gringo S




Retro Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

Check out this masterpiece. Lightweight multi-layered Carbon shell weighing in at 1100g give or take 50g on size. Fitted with Multi-density, shock-absorbing EPS inner shell and Anti-bacterial Merlin lining. The Rough Crafts surely know how to build and design a gorgeous custom motorcycle helmet. Understandably, beauty and good design do not always come cheap, giving the helmet a beefy price of €723!

Price tag aside this is one of the helmets I believe every custom rider would love to own. From the gorgeous colors, super lightweight multi-layered carbon shell to the Neo-classic design. This one is not to be missed!




No. 4 Caberg Freeride Helmet ECE

Retro Motorcycle Helmet

Enough with the vintage full-face helmets. The Caberg Freeride is arguably one of the coolest open face motorcycle helmets on the market. Let’s start off with the weight and shell of the helmet. The helmet weighs in at just 850g give or take 50+ g depending size. The shell is made from composite fibre, this is great for safety reasons as well as weight. Not only that but the shell is actually one of the smallest compared the other big brands they compete with. The best bit? The absolutely awesome Rusty colored helmet! This isn’t just a sticker. The helmet actually feels like it has rust. Now if that doesn’t scream Retro Motorcycle helmet I don’t know what does. Caberg carefully focused on refined materials and key features all made in Italy. Match this up with some aviator goggle and boom! You’re set!

The even better news? It doesn’t hurt the bank starting at €179 for standard color and ending with €220 for the rusty! The helmets also come including a visor which can be easily installed within a matter of minutes! Talk about a bargain.


 Open Face Helmets Vintage


Let’s start off with the huge amount of options DMD has for open face helmets. They are definitely the winners when it comes to color options! We have chosen the “Fate” option as it just shouts old school and well, COOL! They also come in 3 different shell options to make sure they try to keep it as small as possible on your noggin! The Price tag isn’t cheap, although with so many color options you can easily find cheaper than the “Fate” which goes for €274! Just think about the Gorilla!  


Open face motorcycle helmets




So that sums up our 5 Gorgeous Retro Motorcycle helmets not to be missed!

Most of these helmets can be bought from our website, this month we are supporting the DGR2019 together with your help! All purchases on vintage clothing/helmets will have a percentage % donated to the cause.

We hope you enjoyed our list and if you have any suggestions for Vintage motorcycle helmets that you think deserve our top 5 please let us know in the comments!


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  • Monki

    Do you ship to Malta? The open one would look great on my scooter but would give me the oportunity to keep a fag in place while riding… Big dilemma… When you try to quit puffing…

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