Can Mr.Whippy bring home glory once more?

Can Mr.Whippy bring home glory once more?


SantPod Raceway

Can Mr.Whippy bring home glory once more?

This weekend the Mr.Whippy team will be back representing Malta for the 2nd time this year, in the final FIA Championship round with their impressive top alcohol dragster, racing at one of arguably Europe's most iconic Drag Strips, the legendary Santa Pod Raceway in the United Kingdom.

Monty Bugeja, the lead Driver, is no squid when it comes to drag racing cars. With his seemingly composed attitude and together with the team, he managed to successfully race his way to a more than honorable 2nd place earlier this season.

Now that's no walk in the park.

Having said that the competition will not be easy this time around either. Let's face it, it never is and never will be. But then again where would the fun be if it were all too easy.

We should also highlight that the young and ambitious driver Matthew Carabott (Upcoming Lead Driver for Mr.Whippy) will be gaining some experience during this Santa Pod weekend by burning some rubber in some test runs.

Mr.Whippy Racing Team will be battling against six other drag racers this weekend from 5th - 8th September.

All you petrol heads out there can enjoy the action from your comfy home, IN REAL TIME! 

You can use either of the links below to view the action and support our Local heroes.  |

You can also find the time table over here:



We are proud to be supporting your endeavor with Torco Racing Lubricants.  A big thank you goes out to Nimbus Motorsport ( for supporting Mr.Whippy together with Prorides Garage Inc in supplying Torco lubricants.


We wish you the Best of Luck Mr.Whippy! 



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