Roland Sands Design Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are the most commonly overlooked item. Both by riders and those who produce them. With roots buried in the throttle, RSD set out to develop a line of gloves that met two criteria 1) They fit like a second skin while still offering protection and flexibility in all the right places and 2) They looked cool as hell! Looking for a race inspired full protection glove you can wear on the street or the track? We’ve got the Ace for the hole shot. Something a little more fun and retro inspired more your pace? Our Peristyles took inspiration from vintage moto-x gloves that have to function well and last. Or how about something in the middle? Our Diesel gloves feature an easy-on easy-off top palm zipper, padded fingers and offer comfort for as long as you pull back the throttle. All our motorcycle gloves are made from the highest quality materials and like everything else we produce, are meant to go fast.